Mindfulness Coaching

In addition Michelle also offers Private Individual or Group Yoga and Reiki Sessions.

If you are being called for more on & off your mat, Heart-Centered Coaching maybe just for you. This Enhanced Coaching will give you an opportunity for a new way of showing up within yourself, for others and the world.

It is goal directed, intensive, structured & specific for your unique needs, which focuses on different aspects of the Self (integrative Yogic & Reiki philosophies), reclaiming your intuition (your ‘knowing’) & consciousness (awake & aware of your surroundings) towards inner peace, confidence, acceptance & harmony even in the most stressful situations life can bring.

There are a number of wonderful benefits & possibility’s including but not limited to- decrease in your cortisol levels (stress hormone)-helps reset/balance hormones, promotes faster healing- getting sick less, prevention of illness, the ability to make healthier decisions, clarity, calming the nervous system, positive change on a cellular level……

It will leave you in a very powerful position to find liberation, manifestation & abundance in your life.

”I would love to support you on this next chapter of your Soul-filled journey. If you are ready to tap deeper into your higher Self, move beyond your stories and master radical self love, harness inner peace, live in harmony, in strength + vitality….we are a perfect fit” -Michelle


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