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Where you will rediscover the self as the healer within | Providing holistic healing

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Michelle gives you a unique opportunity to explore the depths of yourself in understanding & healing. Find clarity, more flexibility, peace of mind, ways to break through barriers that are holding you back to thrive towards your goals & full potential. Alleviate negative feelings or thoughts that weigh heavy on your heart that can cause unnecessary stress within yourself & social life. Everyones experience vary’s based on their individual needs, wants & desires.



  • Learning how to observe thoughts, feelings, emotions & sensations will reduce anxiety, depression, sadness, stress & pain. It will allow you to increase happiness, concentration, focus, memory, motivation and self-discipline.

  • Releasing techniques can allow energy to flow with ease, unblocking negative charges, learning to connect & build up strength, leaving you in a powerfully positive position to create success and abundance within your life.

Pranayama- Breath Work

  • A formal practice of controlling the breath.

  • Developing the skill of controlling the breath will calm your nervous system, improve concentration, decrease anxiety etc.


  • Yoga means union. To bring together, to yoke, to unite.

  • Through a course of physical (specific bodily postures, breathing exercises) & mental disciplines (cognitive & meditative concentration)  for attaining liberation & union of the self. Yoga enhances ones emotional, mental and physical health and overall wellbeing.

Be.Thriving Series

Be.Thriving Series gives you a unique opportunity to explore your mind, body & soul into deep understanding & healing within a group setting. These series are made for anyone including those who are brand new to Yoga and those who are wanting to deepen their overall Yoga practice. These series are developed to be intensive, structured & specific, small groups, which focuses on different aspects of the self with the utilization of Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, Chakra work & more.