Rediscover the Self as the Healer Within: Michelle provides a client-centered opportunity for you to explore the depths of yourself in connecting, understanding, rediscovering and healing; the four key principles she follows in her practice. While supporting you along the way, acting as a guide and mirror, offering & providing feedback and suggestions, she will give you a safe space to process emotions and connect to yourself in your own truth. She is here to facilitate, witness, and support your personal process. She believes that the therapeutic relationship formed between client and therapist is sacred and should be built upon honesty and trust. She believes that we are all on our own unique journey and that we are all human; experiencing this life for what it brings us and what we make of it, rely’s within us. Her mission is to allow you to develop awareness, clear perspective, strong coping and management skills to break through barriers to help you thrive towards your goals, full potential and in essence, your true Self. She strives to honor your various coping skills, even as we explore new ways of being that are more in alignment with your needs in the present moment. It is possible to build a healthier relationship with yourself and others, alleviating the heaviness on your heart and mind that may be causing unnecessary stress within yourself and social life.

“It certainty can be hard to reach out. I am glad you are looking for someone to help you, its courageous! You aren't alone. Some of the most common human experiences we can find ourselves in are relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief/loss and trauma. These life experiences, even the most devastating ones can be highly valuable, life changing in the most exceptional and potentially growth enhancing ways. To rediscover yourself, to build, grow and expand upon. All that you are is so very valuable. I believe in a Whole Person, Multifaceted approach to wellness, Mind Body Spirit work & utilizing the many tools to assist ourselves.

While empowering, taking on an inner strength based perspective, diverse applications for Mind Body Spirit Integration, Transpersonal, Holistic- whole person approach. Some - not limited to- Stress Management Techniques, Mindfulness Yoga-Enhanced Therapy Approaches (ACT & CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques. My specialties are PTSD and Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Grief/Loss.

There is hope and I believe that it is possible to ‘find peace within the chaos’. I will help you build strong coping skills and tools, finding balance, towards peace within your mind body and soul. Ultimately, at the core of my philosophy I believe that you are the expert on yourself and what you need, I trust your process and your intuition about what is best for you.”

Michelle Doublet, LCSW, E-RYT