"We are One"

Are those that gather around you in your life, not connected by blood or race, but by energy & essence. They bring unconditional love & support at the perfect times & understand & share the same mission & purpose. For you I am grateful- We are One.

Gains & successes from the April 2018 Root & Revive Yoga Series

“So you said the series was on worry... I didn’t have any preconceived notions on what it should be about or how I should feel. That said, I started to connect to my mind after the first session. Your approach to have a small setting with the integrated oils and sustained movement had me challenge myself and the understanding of what I thought yoga was... I was more mindful of my everyday thoughts and how they cycled in my head ...I’m still trying to release what doesn’t serve me and I’m very aware that it isn’t a quick fix but a lifestyle change. I appreciate you, I look forward to our next session”- Greg

“This series helped deepen both my yoga practice and my meditation practice. Michelle showed us ways to incorporate the mind body connection so that daily stress does not run as a loop in your mind. Allowing thoughts to come and go as you strengthen your physical ability made for an enriching and calming experience. The introduction to the different chakras expanded my understanding of the roll they need to play in my personal health.” -Ursela

“This second series of yoga classes were amazing for me! The oils we used were ones I was not familiar with yet & I found myself really connected to the way they made me feel.  The yoga poses were more challenging, but I pushed myself to try each & everyone & allow my body to just be, even if it was not comfortable for me. I implemented the breathing techniques throughout the classes & also when needed outside of class. I continue to journal my daily thoughts and discoveries. I pay attention to the signs of anxiety creeping in. I also try and meditate in the mornings before the chaos of the day sets in. Also, I have been training to run a 1/2 marathon, the classes helped me to stretch my muscles & prepare my mind for this big event! I am so grateful for you for showing me the light”- Emily

Gains & successes from the January 2018 Restore & Rise Yoga Series, "Find Peace within the Chaos"

“What I gained.... confidence! I was able to step outside my comfort zone with these classes and challenge myself to be present and mindful. Successes...so many! By week 4 I felt I was able to flow from one yoga pose to another while also focusing on my breathing. I was also able to connect internally to the physicality of the poses and moves. I implemented many suggestions into my everyday life; such as journaling, meditating and use of the essential oils. Most importantly, I discovered how to “let go” and become more aware of my vulnerability and not avoid these situations, but to face them and accept that sometimes it’s okay to be uncomfortable.”- Emily

"When the sun rises, so do I. After my "Restore & Rise" series with Michelle, I have stored a sense of confidence and peace inside me. It's deeper than the basic yoga poses; it's about finding your own strength and comfort within the challenges that life throws at you. Within the chaos, I found my own rhythm which was hard for me at first but it's truly all about listening to yourself; your breath, your heart and then the mind follows. I consider myself a yogi rookie because I never delved deeply into my inner myself until now, but with the guidance of Michelle's soothing voice and techniques, I can always tune myself back into the present moment and instead of reacting impulsively, I respond with awareness. Every minute of my class was therapeutic especially with the essential oils that were given." -Kelli

“I gained a deeper connection with myself both physically and mentally on the mat. You helped me escape from the stresses in my life and focus more on the present. I feel that the experience has left me more grateful, knowing that each day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Finally, the explanations of each chakra and use of essential oils really added to the series. The smaller group and tea samples gave a very cozy and comforting feel!” – Raelene

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